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Your office phone rings, and you immediately see all of the information related to the prospect, customer, or vendor calling.  No lookups, no searching, no asking for an address, phone number or other account related information.  Immediately you can drop an appointment on a technician’s schedule, take a payment, or go over a quote and close a sale.  When you hang up, all information related to the call is logged to the contact’s file and available for everyone from sales to service to accounting.  No one gets put on hold. No post-it notes. No running to the file cabinet. No call-backs.

With Insite4Doors phone integration, your door business system becomes part of your overall communications and marketing platform. Your customers realize that you are focused on them from the moment you answer the phone.

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Door companies have access to this technology today starting at around $40/mo per extension.  Even if you are not ready to take advantage of the Insite4Doors integrated door business system, our LightSpeed VOIP phone system provides over 40 features that most other systems charge extra for, and when you are ready to upgrade your door company to Insite4Doors you’ll reap the benefits in increased customer satisfaction, profitability and a significant decrease in overhead.

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We invite you to look at the Door Dealer Software system powered by Acumatica.  We’ve spent over 20 years working with door dealers to solve complex business challenges with technology.  We can stop the pain and help your door business grow.

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