Advanced DoorCore Technology

Door Service Management Suite

The Insite4Doors system is the most advanced software for door companies.  Powered by Acumatica, Insite4Doors offers a modern option for sales and service companies who need powerful inventory, accounting, and mobile tools, but don’t want to rely on internal hardware infrastructure.

Insite4Doors features DoorCore. This collection of powerful applications, tools, and reports matches the way door companies conduct business, and represents over 1,000 hours of development and consulting with door industry leaders.

DoorCore is the heart of the Insite4Doors system with everything needed to provide a tested foundation that only comes from decades of experience working with door companies.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Scheduling the right people at the right time with the right skills to perform work efficiently is handled quickly with our Field Service Management tools. Quickly capture service needs and access customer information, product history, and resources required to shorten time between call receipt and job assignment. Create daily or weekly schedules automatically or use drag-and drop tools on the graphical dispatch board with colors to identify the status and type of each service order.

Inventory Management

In the door industry, tools and repair parts are typically spread across multiple vehicles and locations. With our system, you can control and keep track of locations and costs. Since inventory and purchasing are integrated, shortages can trigger replenishment orders. Inventory can be sent to a specific location and when the parts arrive, the dispatcher is alerted to schedule the service appointment for installation. Techs can have replenishment parts for their truck waiting at the warehouse every morning.

Mobile Service Management

Keep your people connected through any device with a browser or with the native mobile Android and Apple iOS (iPad) app. Techs and salespeople will be able to access service information and customer data from anywhere at any time. Manage service, install, and the sales process from the palm of your hand.  Because our mobile apps are powered by Acumatica, everything is always live in your system, giving you complete vision over both internal and field operations at all times.

Custom Dashboards

All users of the system can stay up to date with the information that matters to them with easy to use dashboards that feature BI (business intelligence). Personalized dashboards are easily created and turn raw data into rich visuals to track progress and spot trends as they happen. Our built-in business intelligence system can also leverage Microsoft Power BI to deliver insights from multiple data sources that are key to your business, giving you the ability to connect everything.

Preventative Maintenance

Records the complete history of the equipment installed at each customer’s site and tracks repair parts in stock. Deep integration between sales and service stores the equipment records through quoting, order, delivery, installation, and then service work in the field. It also includes manufacturer, model, configuration, and preventive maintenance scheduling. Customer equipment can be associated to recurring schedules and contracts with regular automated billing schedules.

Track Job Costs

For commercial door companies, the system provides complete integrated project management tools to track all the costs and labor (tasks, people, equipment, time, materials, and expense) to every phase of a project.  Reports can then be generated to manage work-in-progress billing and compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets in real time.

Built-in CRM + Optional Phone System Integration

Customer Relationship Management was built into the system from the very beginning. It is not a loosely integrated module like so many other door industry business products. From marketing, quoting, and sales to install and post-sales support, customer information is always up to date and accurate. 

Track leads, prospects, and opportunities through the entire sales process and beyond. Create marketing campaigns and track the return on all of your company's sales and marketing efforts.  Use calendar integration to schedule and manage activities, follow-up with customers, and constantly improve client satisfaction. 

Documents and other attachments such as vendor schematic or warranty information on installed equipment can all be attached to customer screens and accessed anywhere, with simple drag and drop from your desktop or the camera on your mobile device.  Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to help your team manage forecasts, quotas, and results, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Enable activities online with customer facing portals on your website and encourage customers to post positive reviews about their interaction with your company to popular review systems like Google Maps, Yelp, Angie's List, and many others.

With optional phone system integration, your VOIP phones become part of your CRM.  Customer information can be set to "pop up" on your screen when a customer calls giving you access to all of their account information, service locations, and service history.  Additionally, you can have the system record calls, attach detailed call history, route calls directly to mobile phones, and capture notes directly to the customer file in your system.



Complete Phone System Integration

Your Insite4Doors business system can be completely integrated with your business phone system, saving time and money. Calls coming into your business are instantly identified, and when an employee answers, the customer's account information is automatically displayed in Insite4Doors with all account, service, payment and history information.  Lightspeed voice is a powerful integration to your Insite4Doors business platform.

    • Enjoy flat rate billing 
    • Eliminate long distance fees
    • Full call-recording 
    • No equipment maintenance
    • Run your business from anywhere 
    • Eliminate the bulky and unsightly wired phone system hubs and closets
    • Web-based management tools
    • Monitor calls, duration and frequency in your Insite4Doors integrated sales CRM
    • Support for the life of the life of the relationship is included

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Advanced Project Management

Get up to date information on all project costs, including completed work and work in process accounting. Track technician time, sub-contracted services, material, and inventory. Easily compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets by period. Continuously track budget execution and cost vs budget.

Define costs by employee, labor item, project, project task, and rate type, simplifying time entry and improving visibility, particularly for construction prevailing wage and union requirements. Expand integration with payroll and HRM systems with projects, tasks, cost codes and standard and actual costs using the Contract-Based API.

Make it easy for remote employees, installers, contractors, and others to submit work orders and timesheets from any mobile device.


Optional Integrated Payroll & Employment Apps

Effectively source, track, and pay employees to maintain a high-quality workforce

With the optional payroll module you can track time, labor, and automate your payroll. Eliminate risks with integrated tax filing and provide direct deposit for your employees.

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No hardware—Web based
Open Source Customization
Unlimited users
Cutting-edge Cloud Technology
Multiple Payroll & HR Options
Field Services
Contract Management

Scheduling with GPS
Remote Tech Service/Sales + all other functions
Project Management/Job Costing
Business Intelligence
Construction Management
Amazon Alexa Apps
iOS & Android Apps
Direct Integration with over 100 3rd party software platforms