Reduce Costs Through Automation

What if you could hire an employee that works 24hr shifts 375 days a year, never takes a vacation and never gets sick?

What if this same employee could perform a significant amount of the administrative tasks for all your employees, freeing them to focus on providing a better experience for your customers?

What if this hard worker monitored every aspect of every job and kept your customers and staff notified with status updates, friendly reminders, and action items?

What if, without ever being asked, this employee could recognize when a service call or install was completed on time, and send a notification to your customer thanking them for their business and providing links so that they can give you a 5 star rating on popular social media and business rating platforms?

Would you hire an employee who could manage your books, make sure all your service and install work gets dispatched, billed accurately, and produce the reports you need to submit for taxes, payroll, and business performance improvement?

And finally, what if this employee did all these things, costed less than your current lowest paid staff member, and required no benefits package or unemployment insurance?

The Insite4Doors system is not simply another service management app or inventory/accounting package.  It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application powered by Acumatica that does all these things using powerful business process and intelligence tools designed to make door companies more profitable by automating or eliminating thousands of dollars in labor every month.  An ERP can automate the work of many people, helping door dealers work ON their businesses instead of just working IN them.  If you would like to learn more, let us know.  We’ve been implementing ERP solutions for the world’s most successful door companies for over 20 years. Download an info-sheet, or request a demo today!
The Insite4Doors System

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