What is an ERP System?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it refers to a type of software application used by businesses to manage multiple different business processes, such as financials, procurement, service management, projects, inventory, and HR. ERP systems like Insite4Doors aim to integrate and automate these processes into a single system to provide a centralized view and “single source of truth” for a company’s operations.

ERP systems can significantly increase a company’s profitability by eliminating silos of information traditionally stored and accessed in multiple systems. The efficiencies delivered by use of an ERP typically translate into hours or reduced labor across the organization as well as the ability to make quick decisions guided by instant access to accurate information. Processes improved are typically:

  • Financial accuracy
  • Customer service/satisfaction
  • Technician access to information
  • Scheduling
  • Special order management
  • Time from sale, to invoice, to payment
  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Communications
  • Employee retention

The Insite4Doors ERP is built on Acumatica, the fastest growing and most powerful cloud ERP on the market. It provides a suite of applications including accounting, sales, service management, project management, purchasing, inventory, and customer relationship management, among others, in a single integrated platform. Insite4Doors applies the proprietary DoorCore® features designed specifically for the door industry by Advanced Systems Group with nearly 30 years’ experience serving door service, install and distribution companies exclusively.