Is Someone Else Using Your Data?

Why do they want your data?

Every door company needs to use technology to remain competitive. This means trusting your technology partner with sensitive business data, however, new technologies also provide access to data supplied directly from your customers, vendors, and employees. To large service software companies, this data can be more valuable than what you pay to use the software, giving them the ability to continuously collect, exploit, and distribute this information. For many, this business model is exactly what investors demand, because it can be leveraged for future valuation and acquisition purposes. Here is what your software company may have access to:

  • Transactional data down to the GL level
  • Information FROM your customers (if your system sends clickable links)
    • Cookies, tags, scripts and tracking tools will deliver data directly from the customer’s device
    • Form data and approvals for estimates, financing, and product choice
    • Browsing history, and device related information
    • Location information
  • Employee data (similar details to customer data)
  • Purchasing data

Is this legal? 

This all sounds unethical, and illegal, and it is unless you agree to it, and you probably did. Under most state, provincial and some federal laws, companies that deal with your data must explain if, and how they intend to share your data, and if they intend to offer it for use or sale to other organizations. Read the Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use (or Terms of Service) policy before you sign and ask if you are agreeing to convey ownership of your data to your software provider. If you find (or even suspect) that your data is being shared, it is your right to decline the sharing of your data at any time (even if you’ve already agreed to it). This may come at a cost though. Your software provider may choose to degrade your service as a penalty for restricting their data cashflow. 

Don’t sell your data!

Insite4Doors is built on the Acumatica platform. Acumatica is the fastest growing business software in the world for the past 8 years, and one of the main reasons is because the platform is customer-committed, instead of sales driven. Our clients are protected by a “plain text” customer bill of rights that is part of every agreement. Privacy and client ownership of data is at the core of our technology. 

  • Every Insite4Doors customer accesses a secure private Acumatica database instance
  • DoorCore enhancements can differ from door company to door company and we will never share your proprietary workflows, reports, or unique dashboards 
  • We will never hold your data hostage or make you pay extra fees to download it, even if you decide you want to move to another system!
  • We will never sell your data to anyone. Period!
  • We will never charge you for additional users
  • All of our software portals and links will be free of cookies, trackers, scripts, clear GIFs, pixels, or other tools to automatically collect unsolicited information from you or your customers
  • We love the door industry, we love our clients, and we would never betray the trust you’ve put in us for over 20 years

 Drop us a line to find out more about Insite4Doors powered by Acumatica, the fastest growing ERP software system on the planet!

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