Leveraging the Power of Excel with Iniste4Doors

Focusing on the door industry for decades we realize that many door companies use Microsoft Excel to create extremely detailed and complex business tools. Historically that was necessary because legacy business tools (like QuickBooks, Sage and 3rd party service management software) only provided limited reporting functionality; however, in some cases the power of Excel (and it’s ease of use) is indispensable for important data manipulation, reporting and visualization.

Our ability to connect an Insite4Doors’ Acumatica based (ERP) system to Microsoft Excel allows for easy data analysis and manipulation. With this built-in integration, users can create direct ‘LIVE’ connections for data from the Insite4Doors into Excel worksheets, where they can use familiar tools like pivot tables, charts, and formulas to analyze the data and create meaningful insights.

By extending the powerful Insight4Doors reporting features to Excel, we can improve a door company’s ability to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Additionally, changes made in Excel can be easily loaded back to the Insite4Doors system, providing a two-way flow of information that is very helpful in making updates to things like vender price worksheets, commission reports, inventory information, and other data subject to frequent external change. Tasks that used to take hours in other systems can now be completed in minutes (or seconds).

In the case of connecting Excel to Insite4Doors, the user specifies the report data (generic inquiry) in Insite4Doors, and Excel sends a secure request to the Insite4Doors system for the desired data. Insite4Doors returns the data to Excel, which then displays it in a table format. The user can then use Excel’s built-in features to analyze and manipulate the data. Any time the user wants to update their Excel file with live information, they just hit the “Data Refresh” button.

Your Excel connection is protected with the same strong user security as your Insite4Doors system, ensuring that each employee only has access to the data that they have the security to view or use. The great part is that there is no additional software to purchase, and users with the proper security can connect any report (generic inquiry) with Excel.

Overall, the integration of Insite4Doors with Excel provides a convenient and flexible means of accessing and manipulating data from the ERP system. It enables door companies to take advantage of a wide range of data analysis and visualization tools and provides a secure and efficient way to update or exchange data with other systems. It also emphasizes our policy that “you own your data,” and you should have the ability to access and use it in any way you can imagine to improve your business.