Success in The Door Industry Starts with Empowerment

This may be an odd blog post, especially for a software company, but let’s talk about your business environment, and how it affects the people you work with. In consulting with door companies for nearly 30 years we’ve encountered many different business philosophies. It’s always a rewarding adventure to collaborate with owners and share real-world best practices.  Without getting into a level of detail that would make this post too long, I will oversimplify at the risk of being deficient. The key to success for any door company is empowerment.  

Empowerment means giving your people the authority, autonomy, and tools to make decisions, solve problems, and take initiative in their work. This is transformative for door companies in the following ways:

  • Increased productivity and performance: Your people become more motivated, engaged, and committed to their work. They take ownership of their tasks, set higher goals, and seek feedback and improvement. They are also become more creative, innovative, and adaptable to changing situations and customer needs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty: Your people become more responsive, attentive, and empathetic to customers. They are more empowered to deliver high-quality service, resolve issues, and exceed expectations. They are also more likely to build trust and rapport with customers, and foster long-term relationships.
  • Reduced costs and risks: Empowered employees are more efficient, effective, and accountable for their work. They are more empowered to use their resources wisely, avoid waste, and optimize processes. They are also more empowered to identify and prevent potential problems, and handle crises and emergencies.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and retention: Your people become more satisfied, happy, and fulfilled with their work. They are more empowered to express their opinions, ideas, and suggestions, and feel valued and respected. They are also more empowered to learn, grow, and develop their skills and careers within your business.

Empowering employees is not only beneficial for your business, but also for your employees themselves. It helps them achieve their personal and professional goals, and realize their full potential.Triangle of Purpose

Let’s dip a toe into psychology for a moment. Your goal in empowering your staff is for them to develop and recognize Purpose within your organization. Success, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and profit all flow from Purpose. The alternatives to Purpose are Boredom (lack of productivity) and Despair (dissatisfaction, low customer retention, and employee turnover). It’s a simple triangle you can use to plot issues within your organization.

Here are some steps you can take to promote Purpose and avoid dipping into the lower regions of the triangle:

  • Delegate authority and responsibility: Give staff the ability, authority, and responsibility to make decisions, solve problems, and take initiative in their work. Provide them with clear expectations, goals, and guidelines, but also give them the freedom and flexibility to choose how to achieve them. Trust them to do their best, and avoid micromanaging or interfering with their work.
  • Provide resources and support: Provide your employees with the resources and support they need to do their work effectively and efficiently. Provide them with the necessary tools, equipment, information, and training. Support them with feedback, coaching, and mentoring. Encourage them to ask for help when they need it, and offer assistance when they ask for it.
  • Recognize and reward: Recognize and reward your employees for their achievements, contributions, and improvements. Appreciate their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and celebrate their milestones. Reward them with incentives, bonuses, promotions, or other forms of recognition. Show them that you value and appreciate their work, and that you care about their well-being and happiness.
  • Encourage learning and growth: Encourage your employees to learn, grow, and develop their skills and careers. Provide them with opportunities for learning, development, and advancement. Support them with training, education, and mentoring. Encourage them to pursue their interests, passions, and aspirations. Help them to develop their purpose within your organization and within their life in general.

Empowering employees is one of the best ways to improve your business performance, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Empowering employees can help you create a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration, and achieve your business goals and vision. It will also help you attract, retain, and develop the best talent in your industry, and create a competitive advantage in the market.

Now for the pitch. . .If you are interested in the tools and process improvements to empower your staff, give you total vision over the health of your company, and future-proof your door business, we would be thrilled to help. 


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