For The Accounting Manager

Accounting Views

Total Financial Vision & Reporting

  • Overdue customers/payments
  • Vision of total AR/AP positions
  • Configurable Financial Statements statements with drill down
  • Import of bank statements and reconciliation process
  • Import/Export AR/AP from or to other sources
  • Project accounting
  • Live connections to Excel and/or PowerBI
  • Ability to post to closed periods with proper security
  • AI powered automatic AP document recognition

Key Performance Metrics and Alerts

  • AP approval process
  • Vendor payment due alerts
  • Over/Under payment alerts for AR and AP

New! AI Powered Automatic AP Document Recognition

Insite4Doors now offers AI Powered AP document recognition. Your invoices from venders can now be scanned or captured directly from emails. The system will automatically recognize the vendor, amounts, terms, discounts, associated POs and notify you of any discrepancies. Insite4Doors will then prepare the AP bills automatically for your review..

AI-powered AP (Accounts Payable) document recognition is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically extract data from invoices, receipts, and other financial documents. The extracted data can then be used to automate various tasks in the accounts payable process, such as data entry, invoice matching, and payments.

One of the key benefits of AP document recognition is that it can significantly reduce the time and effort required to process invoices and other financial documents, which can help door companies improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs. Additionally, by automating data entry, AP document recognition systems can also help reduce errors and improve accuracy.

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