For The Sales Manager

Sales Views

Total Vision of All Sales Activity & Marketing Performance

  • Tracking opportunities
  • Documenting customer interactions
  • Vision of sales process
  • Vision of sales representative activities
  • Project setup and management
  • Approval processes
  • Customer notification
  • Commissions reports
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • VOIP Phone System integration

Key Performance Metrics and Alerts

  • Close ratios by sales representative
  • Number of activities per week
  • How many days since the last customer/prospect contact
  • Alert/Approval for low margin quotes/sales
  • Setting thresholds for performance

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Chances are that you are already spending more money managing multiple systems and manual processes than it would cost to implement a system that could make you more profitable, and give you the tools to grow.

Complete ERP for The Door Industry