For The Systems Administrator

Systems Admin Controls

Granular Security and Complete Control

  • Low cost of system maintenance
  • No code customization tools
  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple tenants
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Automated email processing
  • Automation scheduling
  • SMS
  • File upload and document management
  • Setup of security profiles by role and/or user
  • Open APIs
  • Custom document/report creation
  • Wikis
  • PCI Compliance and personal information management policies
  • No on-site hardware
  • Integrated backup/disaster protection
  • SQL database access
  • PowerBI access
  • Over 270 third-party software integrations

Key Performance Metrics and Alerts

  • Resource usage reporting
  • Access alerts
  • File and document management by user
  • Remote access approval alerts

Want to know more?

Chances are that you are already spending more money managing multiple systems and manual processes than it would cost to implement a system that could make you more profitable, and give you the tools to grow.

Complete ERP for The Door Industry