For The Service Manager

Service Manager

Quickly Respond to Service Demand & Control Profitability

  • Vision of technician load by day/week
  • Priority of installs/service (highest margin, and fastest response requirement)
  • Automated scheduling of PM work and contract renewals
  • Tracking warranty issues by technician
  • Photo/File attachment from the field
  • Customer email and text notification
  • Timekeeping
  • Vision of technician schedule and status on calendar and GPS
  • Piece rate calculations by technician
  • Quick access to service order history
  • Speed in adding appointments
  • Vision/Reporting of appointment history with total miles traveled per tech

Key Performance Metrics and Alerts

  • Jobs waiting on parts
  • Alert to canceled or rescheduled appointments
  • Alert to Late service appointments
  • Overtime alert/approvals

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Chances are that you are already spending more money managing multiple systems and manual processes than it would cost to implement a system that could make you more profitable, and give you the tools to grow.

Complete ERP for The Door Industry